Time Wasting: The Fifty United States of America

state map of usa

Can you name all fifty states in ten minutes or less?

I certainly can’t (I got thirty-nine, if you’re interested).

But if you have nothing better to do, or you do have better things to do, but can’t bring yourself to actually do them (read ‘me’ in this scenario), then I highly suggest you throw yourself whole-heartedly into this magnificent time wasting exercise.


Name All Fifty States In Ten Minutes (Sporcle)


Who knows, you might even learn something. I learnt how to spell Massachusetts, for instance.

Usefulness as a time wasting device: 10/10

Usefulness at making me a functional human being: 0/10


There are plenty of other wonderful time wasting challenges on the website if you ever feel inclined, but be warned – you might not be able to leave.




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