Booze Review: Heather Mist (Whisky)


As part of an inept experiment in finding the cheapest booze available, my wife and I picked up a bottle of Heather Mist the other night. Sufficed to say, after throwing our meagre pennies down upon the counter, imbibing, and becoming riotously drunk, I discovered that this brown liquid is not one of the most palatable beverages to ever call itself a scotch.

The aroma is unmistakably one of raw alcohol (not a good start) and the first sip has an almost sweet taste (not syrupy like bourbon, mind) which tends towards the acrid. The further through the glass one gets the more easily drinkable it all becomes, but it at no point becomes actually pleasant. It is not well rounded, it is not oak-flavoured or smoky, and it doesn’t have depth or complexity, and while its label proudly proclaims that it was ‘bottled in Scotland’ I can give you no guarantee that it was in fact distilled there.

Luckily, however, its taste is not a lingering one and for its thirty-one dollar price-tag ($AUS) it does exactly what you expect it to: gets you drunk.



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