Booze Review: One-Fifty Lashes – James Squire Pale Ale

James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale-500x500

It was a hot summer’s afternoon and grunge music was playing, so I decided it was high time to get my little self down to the bottle shop and buy myself a six-pack of delicious James Squire’s beer. I ended up with the pale ale, and here are my thoughts on the whole experience.

The initial taste is incredibly light, but with a good after-taste of hops. There is also a delicious hint of citrus that floats through the palate, but thankfully it never evolves to the cloying sweetness of a drink like a raddler.

It’s lightness and easy drinkability make for a very refreshing beer, but it’s definitely not one to down in a minute. The complexities of the taste and the sheer enjoyment of drinking it lead one to take their time and fully appreciate the beverage over the course of twenty-minutes or so. Really, it’s boutique beer on a budget (six-packs ranging from fourteen to twenty dollars depending on your local), and it’s a great beer to sit back with and spend some time relaxing with friends. Or, if you prefer, to sit back with and relax while watching Friends after a long, hard day.

It’s not the kind of drink you want to get drunk off. No, it’s far too pleasant and polite a taste for that, but, after drinking a few and taking your sweet time, it’s really no big leap (or fall) to move onto the harder stuff once you hit the tipsy watermark.

As an aside, the bottles come with a fantastic (and presumably ficticious) account of James Squire’s rise to brewing prominence which is always a delight to read. I mean, I’ve read it many times before and discounted the ludicrous tales, but I still like to hold out some small hope that in the future it may all turn out to be true.



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