Polish Movie Posters

aA recent discovery of mine while going about my daily activities was the existence of posters of movies I know for audiences abroad. Perhaps the most interesting of the cultural shifts exhibited in these advertising materials is that between the United States release posters and those of Poland.

Here are just some fabulous examples of things that I found:

Apocalypse Now (1979)


(U.S Release Poster)

Now, here is the Apocalypse Now poster which we are all probably rather familiar with (if not, I would highly recommend seeing the film). Deep, dark, mysterious.

But, what does Poland do?


(Polish Release Poster)

Marlon Brando in his most terrifying performance of all time, and that’s just a painting.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)


(U.S release)

Iconic. Nicole and Tom together in the way that (at the time) we all though they should be.

But, once again the Polish took the idea in a much more disturbing direction.


(Polish Release)

In my opinion, this one is far more visually satisfying than a mere double head-shot of Kidman and Cruise. But, hey – what do I know?

Gandhi (1982)


(U.S Release)


(Polish Release)

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)


(U.S Release)


(Polish Release)

Oddly enough, this one didn’t frighten me more than the original U.S poster… at first.

I soon noticed the tiny talons adorning the child’s phalanges.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)


(U.S Release)


(Polish Release)

Who would have though that Harrison Ford could ever be painted to look more handsome than he actually is?

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980)


(U.S Release)


(Polish Release)

Apparently in Poland Yoda was the main character of that film… oh wait, he probably was for most people.

Weekend At Bernies (1989)


(U.S Release)

This one might actually be my favourite.

Look at the poster above: we’re all in for a heart-warming screwball comedy where everyone learns a lesson at the end right?

Well, just have a look at the Polish poster and then tell me what you think you’re in for.


(Polish Release)

I mean, what the hell is that?

Well, that’s all I wanted to tell you for the moment.

I hope you enjoyed this new discovery, and if you want to see more simply jump onto this fantastic website: http://wellmedicated.com/inspiration/50-incredible-film-posters-from-poland/

Also, now that I have found this wonderful catalogue of art I shall endeavour to bring you all the Polish version of a poster as well as it’s U.S one when I do film reviews.

Overall Rating Of Polish Movie Posters: *****/5


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